2015 annual review and recognition conference and 2016 annual strategic cooperation agreement

01-30 / 2016

January 28,2016,14:00 pm,Solarmax technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.2015 Annual Summary Award Conference and 2016 Annual Strategy, cooperation agreement at the edge of the century in Jiangning, group leaders and employees, guests of various cooperation companies, in person to the scene, the entire venue was thick New Year's Eve atmosphere surrounded.

The 2015 awards were announced at the beginning of the conference: Best Design, Best Engineering Team, best team and best contribution, to encourage individuals and communities to excel in their work in 2015. Next, Solarmax signed the 2016 strategic cooperation agreement with Changzhou, Ningxia Yingu Industry, Jiangsu SUMEC and China merchants new energy. They will work together to win-win and look forward to the development opportunities in the coming year.

With the blessing of the New Year, the annual meeting dinner began. During the three-hour period, cash prizes and surprise prizes were happily collected by the participants. While enjoying the annual meeting program, it not only enhances the communication and interaction among the staff, but also enhances the staff's cognition and sense of belonging to the enterprise, which fully conforms to the theme of this annual meeting.

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